23 June 2015

Refit and Ready

The 2014 season is over and we promised Jule III a facelift and some well deserved mechanical work.  We have been the proud owner of Jule for 20 years so we dedicated the winter of 2014-2015 to Jule III work.   She was hauled at Bennett Brothers Yachts to facilitate the painting, engine work, and rigging upgrades.

Painting of the topsides was an important item as the original 40 year gelcoat was thin and porous.  A trip through the cypress swamp always left mustaches on the bow and stern.

Rigging work and mechanical repairs were also in order.  Booms were reconditioned and worn rigging was replaced.  The drive train saw a new stern tube, cutlass bearing, stuffing box, and motor mounts.  

In March, we launched Jule III for a series of sea trials.  Most things worked and others could be addressed later.  She looks and feels great!

We left BBY and stayed in Southport for a month or so then we set sail and motorsailed for the Chesapeake to position ourselves for our Maine trip in July-September.

Ann, Bob, and Sammy Jane

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